Monster High Horror Scopes Board Game


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Age 7+

Players 2 – 4

Monster High Horror-Scopes Game: Be the winning player who gets to read her Horror-Scope card aloud to all the players.

Draw a Situation Card and read it aloud. All players mark how they would answer the question: “A, B or C” on their pegboard (for Row 1). Players compare answers. The next player repeats this process and players mark their answers in Row 2, continuing until 5 cards have been read and answered.

Now the first player rolls the oracle die to see what the oracle’s answer to question 1 is. If you match, you keep your peg, if not the peg is removed. Each answer is checked against the oracle die. Then the players add up their pegs. The player who is the most “Clairvoyantly-correct” is rewarded with a special Horror-scope. Slip it in the Ghost Decoder and the message magically appears.

Fun game for slumber parties!

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